A Guide to Creating A Visual Arts Portfolio
Manette Jungels and Marianna Tschudi, along with their students, have created an online guide for students as they assemble their Visual Arts Portfolio for demonstration of proficiency. This online guide provides the Providence Visual Arts Standards, rubrics, and suggestions/checklists for types of work to include.

This project was supported by a RICAPP grant.


(C3) Analyzes and utilizes concepts and content of the visual arts and other arts disciplines, the humanities, or the sciences to expand the meaning of their artwork.

(C2) Develops the ability to communicate in the language of art forms through the use of materials, tools, and techniques, as demonstrated by using media, techniques, tools and processed with evidence of skill, craftsmanship, and personalization to communicate meaning.

(C1) Engages in self or group expression by creating original artwork and interpreting works of art, as demonstrated by applying visual arts concepts to solve visual arts problems by using analysis, synthesis and evaluation; visually communicating an understanding of how human knowledge is recorded in symbol systems, and demonstrating an awareness of context; and documenting personal progress by maintaining a portfolio of their artwork, identifying works’ strengths and weaknesses, and making necessary modifications.


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This guide was also produced in hard-copy.