East Greenwich Proficiency Portfolio Three
East Greenwich Proficiency Portfolio Three


(C1) Engages in self or group expression by creating original artwork and interpreting works of art, as demonstrated by applying visual arts concepts to solve visual arts problems by using analysis, synthesis and evaluation; visually communicating an understanding of how human knowledge is recorded in symbol systems, and demonstrating an awareness of context; and documenting personal progress by maintaining a portfolio of their artwork, identifying works strengths and weaknesses, and making necessary modifications.

(C2) Develops the ability to communicate in the language of art forms through the use of materials, tools, and techniques, as demonstrated by using media, techniques, tools and processed with evidence of skill, craftsmanship, and personalization to communicate meaning.

(C3) Analyzes and utilizes concepts and content of the visual arts and other arts disciplines, the humanities, or the sciences to expand the meaning of their artwork.


Commentary by reviewers

East Greenwich High School has been developing criteria for proficiency portfolios. This sample student portfolio contains work in both the creating and responding areas, as required by the following locally developed portfolio guidelines:


The Creating portfolio must contain a minimum of EIGHT (8) and a maximum of TWELVE (12) finished art works that include the following components:
Minimum of three (3) drawings with two from direct observation
Minimum of one (1) work that employs effective use of color
Minimum of one (1) work in three-dimensions
Any two (2) of the artworks must utilize concepts and content from other subject areas
A sketchbook or process materials that include preliminary work for at least two (2) of the portfolio artworks.


The Responding portfolio must contain a minimum of THREE (3) documented responses selected from the following:
A narrative reflective statement about exemplar work
A documented response to a discussion or debate about art
A narrative statement about the students own work included in the portfolio
Evidence of knowledge of at least three (3) different cultures and/or artistic periods